• BSP threads. British Standard Pipe, too known as GAS thread. It’s internationally used as standard thread for joining tubing for middle and high pressures, which may need a strong closing and without leaks, but without need of auxiliary materials as PTFE tape.
  • JIC threads. Reaches the SAE J514 Norm and standards. The JIC ferrules have multitude of applications and are the most used in the world. They offer a great compatibility of temperature and measures. The risk of a broken tubing is practically null.
  • NPT threads. This coupling supplies mechanical joining as well as hydraulic sealing. It has been introduced for solving the leaking problems and applied as standardization of the thread of the elements of the used couplings at the hydraulic systems and installations.
  • Metric thread. The metric thread system is a family of thread steps. There are two series of couplings, one for heavy use and another for light use. In between of its advantages is the resistance to the traction, given to the wide angle of the thread wire. Disadvantage, depending to the position of the thread wire. It can lose efficiency.
  • ORFS thread. On this kind of thread, the seat is considered one of the best existing. It’s featured by a great resistance and its work with very high pressure without problems of leaks.
  • Japanese couplings. There are two types of main couplings: type Komatsu which are metric and other type of Japanese couplings which is identically to the BSP thread. The difference is in the seat, these ones they have it to 60º.
  • Banjos, flanges, half-flanges and Caterpillar. Flanges and half-flanges is the element joining two components of a high pressure tubing system, allowing being disassembled without destructive operation, thanks to a hole circumference through which are assembled joining-bolts. The accessories of the tab are generally separated by two kind of pressures referred to 3000 PSI or 6000 PSI. Too, we dispose of the special series Caterpillar.
  • Interlock Couplings. We offer this kind of special coupling for swaging. In BSP and BSPT thread, in metric, ORFS, JIC and NPT, too for the flanges of 3000 PSI, 6000 PSI and Caterpillar. It featured by its work at high pressure and temperature resistance.
  • Swaging ferrules. Depending on the hose, we dispose of the corresponding ferrule for Skive, as well as for No-Skive. Too we dispose of the special Interlock ferrule for high pressure, internal and external skive.