The design, manufacturing and commercialization of fittings and pieces is realized since over 50 years in the key industries like the aerospace, iron and steel forge, chemical, agroalimentary, railway and shipbuilding.

The manufacturing consists in all kind of hydraulic and industrial couplings, adaptors, tools and components, as well as in the realization of all kind of assembly hoses for a variety of industrial applications.

Disposing of modern CNC-machines of last technology, ready for the manufacturing of all kind of couplers and for the realization of mechanizing of high complexity, allowing us to realize works in carbon steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, polyamide, stainless steel duplex and super-duplex.

Manufacturing and sales program

  • Couplings and adaptors in carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, brass and bronze, with metric threads, BSP, SAE and JIC for hydraulic and industrial couplings.
  • Assembly hoses manufactured with rubber hoses of low, middle and high pressure.
  • Assembly hoses of smooth and corrugated PTFE.
  • Assembly hoses of AISI-321 and AISI-316 stainless steel.
  • Custom assembly hoses for industrial, chemical and agroalimentary applications.
  • MS, AN, AS adaptors, components, tools, kits and test benches for the aeronautical industry.


Disposing of CNC-machine of last technology, we’re ready for the manufacturing of each kind of coupling and for the realization of mechanizing of high complexity.

We’ve got functionality for realizing the pieces needed by any company, complying with the most exigent quality standards. Our productive capacity is to produce around 12 million pieces per year.

Investment available to our Clients

Thanks to the investment in high technology constantly realized by us, we can perform works with a wide range of raw materials.

Adapting our needs to the most exigent market, we develop custom projects and attend all the production volume, of high as well as of low capacity of series.

We dispose of a big machine park and of qualified personal for attending the exigencies of our customers.

As follows we annex a little summary of our machinery:

  • Lathe centers of 8-axes with motorizing. Supplied by bars until 80 mm of diameter
  • Mechanizing center Leadwell® of 3-axes. Double APC-table
  • Cutting machine by electro-erosion Ona®
  • Multi-axes lathe Schütte®, from 16 to 63 mm of diameter
  • Several parallel lathes
  • Milling machine Deckel® and Jarve®
  • Bending machine Transfluid®
  • Drilling machine
  • Electrolysis machine
  • Furnaces of annealing and welding