• Instant-ferrules “F”-series. These ferrules are designed for its use with compressed air. Between of its advantages we can find its easiness of transfer of fluid, beside of its almost unlimited reuse.
  • Quick ferrules “R”-series. The quick ferrules of the “R”-series are designed for all kind of coupling, on vacuum as well as liquid. It offers a wide easiness in its design, still if its performance is a little bit arduous.
  • Universal ferrules “U”-series. These are a kind of ferrules for the joining of the metallic tubing. These are manufactured under DIN 2353, producing a adequate tightness for the high pressures. These are used in machinery of greasing and steam circuits.
  • Accessories. We offer of a wide variety of accessories in male and female elbows and, in “T”s, in crosses and in “Y”, ferrules, reductions, adaptors, extensions, bulkheads, standpipes, caps, caps type ALLEN, beside of distributors, springs with nut, wide variety of valves, silencers and pistols.
  • QC(quick-connect)-couplings. This kind of coupling allows the union to the profiles of the most used adaptors. The most common application is on mechanical workshop, wheel control systems, pressure water cleaning and much more general pneumatic applications.
  • Industrial gauges. Needed at all the industrial procedures where the pressure measuring is indispensable. We dispose of several designs: back threaded outlines, radial threaded outlines, dry panel with flange and back fixing panel. With Glycerin and stainless steel box.
  • Technical tubing. We dispose of technical tubing in different qualities and dimensions, with a great movability in moving pneumatic devices. Materials in polyamide and polyurethane. La polyamide is featured by it’s great resistance to the pressure and chemical agents. The polyurethane offers a high flexibility and and has a wide application in pneumatic boxes.
  • Air-treatment. We offer a wide range of products for the air treatment. Regulators, filters, modules, combinations of filterregulators, 3-way valves, safety valves, starter, line purger, silencers and all kind of accessories. Giving to our customer our best quality.
  • Electro-valves. Wide stock of electro-valves for the needs of each of our customers. Reaching the protection and safety norms. Guaranteed by strict safety norms.