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Productos Ham-Let

HAM-LET Group specializes in the design, development, production and marketing of high quality instrumentation valves and fittings in a wide variety of materials for high pressure, high temperatura and vacuum aplications.

an accent on quality combined with ongoing research and development has given the company an international reputation for excellence. As a result, HAM-LET Group today is the fastest growing company in this industry. We are Totally Committed to our customers providing highest quality products and best of breed service.

Our products are used around the world in a wide range of industries, including Energy, Oil & Gas, Ground Turbines, Chemical and Petrochemical, CNG/NGV, Semiconductor, Analytical and others.

These are some of the products it sells Hamlet:

HAM-LET Connectors

  • Compression Tube Fittings. LET-LOK. 1/16″ Through 2″ and 2 mm Through 50 mm-Metric
  • Single Ferrule Fittings. ONE-LOK. 1/16″ Through 1″
  • 37º Flare Fittings. SAE 37º FLARE. 1/8″ To 2″
  • Instrument Weld Fittings. WELD LINE
  • Instrument Pipe Fittings. PIPE LINE
  • HAM-LET Hose Connectors. HOSE-END
  • HAM-LET Flange Adapters. FLANGES
  • Ultra Vacuum Fittings. UH LINE SERIES
  • Orbital Weld and Metal. Gasket Face Seal Fittings. HTC
  • Excess Flow Valves – H901 Series
  • T-Type & In-Line Filters – H-600 Series

Instrumentation Valves

  • High Perfomance Ball Valves – H6800 Series
  • 3 Piece Ball Valves – H500 Series
  • Compact One Piece Ball Valves – H800 Series
  • Ball Valves with Locking Device – H700 Series
  • Metering Valves – H1300 Series
  • Metering Ball Valves – MBV Series
  • Integral Bonnet Needle Valves – H300 Series
  • High Pressure Needle Valves – H99 Series
  • Toggle Valves – H1200 Series
  • Check Valves – High Pressure, One Piece & Adjustable – H400 Series
  • Quick Connectors. QC LOK. 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″
  • Relief Valves – H900 & H900HP Series
  • Valves for GNC/NGV Applications. ECE R110 approved

Ultra Clean Diaphragm Valves | Low & High Pressure

  • Compact Model – 2LE
  • Flow Control – 2LM
  • Standard Model – 2LD
  • 3/4” High Flow – 2LDS12
  • Low Pressure – EV
  • General Purpose – EVZ
  • High Pressure Valve – 2LH
  • High Pressure High Flow – 2LS
  • High Pressure Standard Model – EVH
  • Standard Model Metal Seat – 3LD
  • High Temp. Metal Seat – 3LT
  • Compact Model Metal Seat – 3LE
  • High Pressure High Flow Metal Seat – 3LS
  • High Pressure Metal Seat – 3LH
  • Metal Diaphragm Manual Handle – HM
  • Metal Diaphragm Air Operated – HM
  • Surface Mount – HMS
  • Compact Surface Mount – HMSC
  • Ultra Clean Metal Diaphragm Valve – HMC
  • Air Operated Manual Override – 2LN (HYBRID)
  • Economic Diaphragm Valve – HD
  • High Pressure High Flow – HP
  • Multi Port Monoblock Valve – HMB, 2BE
  • Ultra Fast Diaphragm Valve – UF/UFS
  • Compact Welded Check Valve – CMW

Engineering Products

  • Integrated Diaphragm Valve with Filter
  • Motor Driven Valve
  • High Purity Manifold


  • Gripkit
  • Leak Detector
  • Inspection Gauge
  • HAM-LET Pressembly Tool
  • Tubing Accesories
  • Sample Case
  • Pressure Gauges
    Pressure Gages are bourdon tube measuring devices that guaranty long lasting usage with high durability for in-door and out-door industrial, process and instrumentation applications. Our Pressure Gauges line covers the standard characteristic and extent customization upon request.
  • Sample Cylinders
    Permit the extraction of a sample from a remote process location and provide safe containment for storage and transportation to the laboratory for analysis. The H-285, HAM-LET Needle Valve with Rupture disc, is designed to be mounted on HAM-LET sample cylinders and provide protection against over pressure by venting the media to the atmosphere.